1. A stabilization of frequency oscillations in a parallel ac-dc interconnected power system via an hvdc link
Issarachai Ngamroo

2. Ab initio molecular orbital computation studies of ag+-c2h4 complexation in the presence of water
Anawat Sungpet

3. Aldehyde dehydrogenase-2 genotype detection in fingernails among non-alcoholic northeastern thai population and derived gene frequency
Paiboon Mongconthawornchai, Somsong Nanakorn, Atsushi Nishiyori

4. Arsenic contamination in hizla, bangladesh sources, effects and remedies
Abu Sayed Md Kamal and Preeda Parkpian

5. Determination of cell dielectric properties using dielectrophoretic technique
Pikul Wanichapichart, Sorawuth Bunthawin, Amnuoy Kaewpaiboon and Kamnoon Kanchanapoom

6. Distribution of fibronectin, laminin, tenascin, chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan and hnk-1 epitope in the head region of homozygous rat small eye (rsey) embryos
Suconta Chareonvit

7. Effect of sucrose on rva viscosity parameters, water activity and freezable water fraction of cassava starch suspensions
Rungnaphar Pongsawatmanit, Parita Thanasukarn and Shinya Ikeda

8. Histopathological effects of roundup, a glyphosate herbicide, on nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus)
Wannee Jiraungkoorskul, E Suchart Upatham, Maleeya Kruatrachue, Somphong Sahaphong, Suksiri Vichasri-Grams and Prayad Pokethitiyook

9. On simple iterative ordinary differential equations
Maitree Podisuk

10. Preparation and characterization of hydrophilic pervaporation membranes from natural rubber latex based polymer
Songsak Klamklang, Khantong Soontarapa and Somsak Damronglerd

11. Quality improvement of lampang clay for porcelain bodies
Sukdipown Thiansem, Wolfgang Schulle, Kanchana Kaew-kam-nerd, Prasak Thavornyutikarn and Sukon Phanichphant

12. Recovering of copper from synthetic solution in 3pe reactor
Mali Hunsom, Hugues Vergnes, Patrick Duverneuil, Kejvalee Pruksathorn, Somsak Damronglerd

13. Studies on dyeing of silk yarn with lac dye effects of mordants and dyeing conditions
Paisan Kongkachuichay, Aroonsiri Shitangkoon and Nontalee Chinwongamorn

14. Torus palatinus and torus mandibularis in a thai population
Wandee Apinhasmit, Aree Jainkittivong and Somporn Swasdison

15. Variable microsatellite markers for genotyping tree shrews, tupaia, and their potential use in genetic studies of fragmented populations
Sukamol Srikwan, Kristina Hufford, Lori Eggert and David S Woodruff