1. A comparison of costs of biodiesel production from transesterication
Kulchanat Kapilakarn, Ampol Peugtong

2. Benefits from the comprehensive planning of the high and medium voltage network
Tirinya Cheumchit

3. Design and development of sand bed filter for upgrading producer gas to ic engine quality fuel
B. S. Pathak, D. V. Kapatel, P. R. Bhoi, A.M. Sharma, D.K. Vyas

4. Development of a wind turbine simulator for wind generator testing
Bunlung Neammanee, Somporn Sirisumrannukul, Somchai Chatratana

5. Enhancement of heat transfer in a circular wavy-surfaced tube with a helical-tape insert
S. Eiamsa-ard, P. Promvonge

6. Evaluation on the performance and the nox emission of igcc power plant integrated with air separations unit
Chan Lee, Seung Jong Lee

7. Generating electrical energy from landfill gas- an italian experience
P. Pierpaoli, A. Diotallevi

8. Real-coded genetic algorithm applied to optimal placement of capacitor banks for unbalanced distribution systems with meshed radial configurations
R. Hooshmand, M. Ataei

9. Utilization of domestic gas heater exhaust energy for heating water
Mohammad Ali Sadeghzadeh

10. Wind energy potential of jordan
M. A. Alghoul, M.Y. Sulaiman, B.Z. Azmi, M. Abd. Wahab