1. The molecular identification of nephtys species (polychaeta phyllodocida) from songkhla lake, southern thailand
Manasawan Saengsakda Pattaratumrong, Koraon Wongkhamhaeng

2. A cooling system for a mushroom house for use in the upper central region climate of thailand
Chanamon Chantana

3. Do environmental factors influence the distributions and diversity of tropical macroinvertebrate assemblages a case study of mae taeng river basin, northern thailand
Rungnapa Tagun, Tatporn Kunpradid

4. Antioxidant activities and electrochemical behaviors of xanthones from cratoxylum cochinchinense and cratoxylum formasum
Benjamat Chailap, Thanesuan Nuanyai

5. An efficient synthesis of imidazo 1 2 a pyridines
Piyawat Paengphua, Uthai Wichai, Sirirat Chancharunee

6. Performance and emissions of a turbocharging diesel engine using b10 and supercharging syngas on dual fuel
Ekkachai Sutheerasak

7. Influences of ammonium nitrate on growth and inulin content of jerusalem artichoke (helianthus tuberosus l.) in vitro
Phuangpha Punha, Sumana Neera, Panupon Hongpakdee

8. Hemocyte types based on total and differential counts in samia cynthia ricini (lepidoptera saturniidae) reared on host plants versus an artificial diet
Jatuporn Tungjitwitayakul, Nujira Tatun

9. Isomorphism theorem for cayley graphs of semigroup of integer modulo prime power relative to an invertible element
Ekkachai Laysirikul

10. The net reproductive rate (r0) and stable age distribution of the leaf roller (hedylepta indicata f.) on soybean (glycine max l.)
Panisara Thepkusol, Manas Titayavan

11. Nust.27.03.19-principles