1. Systemic therapy in advanced renal cell carcinoma (clear cell subtype)
Wittawat Jitpewangarm

2. The appropriate dental core package- khon kaen people's opinion (2020)
Warawach Khajornrattanawanich

3. Prevalence & risk factor associated with diabetic retinopathy in type-2 diabetes mellitus at six tambon health promoting hospitals affiliated with naresun university hospital
Nattapong Mekhasingharak, Sirinan Treeyawadkul, Jeerawat Sawatdiwithayayong, Ying Supattanawong, Chatmongkol Phruancharoen, Panotsom Ngowyutagon, Oranicha Pimpha and Rossukon Khotcharrat

4. Health behavior, social support and health care service request of elderly at muang district, phitsanulok
Pantitra Singkheaw

5. Evaluation on physical fitneww of undergraduate students in trang province
Amnat Soytong and Chanyut Sudtongkong

6. Dimensional analysis of shear stress of blood flow through a bifurcation- skin friction coefficients
Koonlaya Kanokjaruvijit and Jirasak Siripokharattana

7. Efficient usage of rgb-led for optical wireless communication
Thai-Chien Bui, Saichon Sriphan, and Suwit Kiravittaya

8. Use of appropriate ratio of scum mixed with coffee residue as briquette derived fuel
Suthep Silapanuntakul, Nuttawat Ninkranjanakun, Duangrat Inthorn and Wongdyan Pandii

9. Simultaneous determination of methanol and ethanol residues in biodiesel by a simple headspace single-drop microextraction and gas chromatography with flame ionization detection
Apichart Boonmalai, Jaroon Jakmunee and Orawan Kritsunankul

10. Identification of homolog of a brown planthopper gene, bph14 in native, cultivated, wild thai rice
Wanwisa Prasittanyakit, Kumrop Ratanasut, Narisa Kunpratum and Kawee Sujipuri

11. Pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis yields of kenaf and roselle
Suchada Dana, Duangporn Premjet and Siripong Premjet

12. Forecasting model for the number of patients with dysentery in thailand
Warangkhana Keerativibool