1. Periprosthetic joint infection of hip and knee- a review of current concepts
Piti Rattanaprichavej

2. Who should teach rheumatology to medical students, a rheumatologist or an internist
Patapong Towiwat, Rawisut Deoisares, Nantana Choomchuay and Supasit Pannarunothai

3. Question-answering approach to 3d information retrieval system
Taweesak Sangkapreecha and Pataraporn Sangkapreecha

4. Sustainability of alternative energy for organic rankine cycle power plant in thailand
Nattaporn Chaiyat

5. The viewpoints of sustainable agriculture within the system approach in agriculture
Patarapong Kroeksakul and Pramuk Srichaiwong

6. Simple media from hydroponics nutrient solution for tissue cultures of exacum affine balf. f. ex regel and stevia rebaudiana bertoni
Kittisak Chotikadachanarong

7. The quantity of heavy metal accumulated in water spinach (ipornoea aquatica forsk) cultured in tha chin river
Weerayaporn Rattanapaiboon, Narouchit Dampin and Kasem Chankao

8. Effect of soil properties on increasing mangrove area in the king's royally initiated laemphakbia environmental research and development project, phetchaburi
Pussadee Sukpiboon, Samakkee Boonyawat and Narouchit Dampin

9. The development of mathematics activities package enhance connection ability on pythagoras theorem for mathayomsuksa ii students
Sirinthip Thisara and Boonya Piansawan

10. Improvement of overal equipment effectiveness on the process of wood plank packaging
Thanate Ratanawilai and Vuttikrai Srisuk

11. Operational risk analysis for a small sized business- a case study
Runchana Sinthavalai and Narumon Daowee