1. Breeding system, post-pollination growth, and seed dispersal in gastrodia ex-lis (orchidaceae)
Hanrik A Pedersen, Santi Watthana, Somran Suddee, and Sawitree Sasirat

2. Crotalaria phyllostachya gagnep. (leguminosae, papilionoideae)-a new record for the thai flora

3. Erratum.nhb.52.01.04-editor

4. Foraging of greater racket-tailed drongo (dicrurus paradise us) and lesser racket-tailed drongo (d. remifer) in mixed-species bird flocks at khao yai national park

5. Hedyotis linoides (griff.) kurz (rubiaceae)-new record for thailand

6. Mekong river pangasiidae catfish migrations and the khone falls wing trap fishery in southern laos
Ian G. Baird, Mark S. Flaherty and Bounpheng Phylavanh

7. Photosynthetic responses to light and the ecological dominance of hopea ferrea (dipterocarpaceae) in a semi-evergreen forest of northeastern thailand
Philip W. Rundel, Mark T. Patterson and Kansri Boonpragob

8. Soil exca vanon and landfill a significant problem for central thailand
Ian Grange

9. Structure and composition of mixed-species insectivorous bird flocks in khao yai national park
Somchai Nimnuan, Philip D. Round, and George A. Gale

10. Translocation of a captive-raised leopard cat(prionailurus bengalensis) in north central thailand
Lon I. Grassman, Jr., Kitti Kreetiyutanont, Michael E. Tewes, and Nova J. Silvy

11. Vegetation and diversity of the ground flora in a deciduous dipterocarp-oak
W. Sankamethawee and V. Anusarnsunthorn