1. A botanical ascent of doi inthanond
R.G. Robblins and T. Smitinand

2. A note on the toxicity of the horseshoe craib in the gulf of thailand
A.H. Banner and Betty Jane Stephens

3. Available climatological information for the khorat plateau, northeastern thailand
Larry Sternstein

4. Checklist of the moss collection in the forest herbarium, royal forest department, bangkok
P.P. Tixier and Tem Smitinand

5. Nores on the island of bawean (java swa ) with special referencd to the birds (to be continued)
A. Hoogerwerf

6. Notes upon a collection of birds made by frank gill esq. off the west coast of peninsular thailand
E.C. Dickinson

7. Relationship of certain owl around pacific
J.T. Marshall, Jr.

8. Report on the flora of thailand project-i. expedition
Kai Larsen and Esbern Warncke

9. Report on the thai- dutch botanical expedition 1965-1966
E. Hennipman and A. Touw

10. Teak breehole borer and the control research in thailand
Dumrong Chaiglom

11. The occurrence of the pied stonechat (saxicola caprata burmanicus stuart baker) in eastern and southeastern thailand
Kitti Thonglongya