1. Some generalisations of analytic functions with respect to 2k- symmetric conjugate points
Syed Z. H. Bukhari, Maryam Nazir and Mohsan Raza

2. Novel method of computing recommended settings of notebook computer and office workstation for ergonomic work posture
Suebsak Nanthavanij*, Kanlayanee Prae-arporn, Sorajak Chanjirawittaya, Satirajit Paripoonyo and Somsak Rodloy

3. Magnetohydrodynamic two-fluid flow and heat transfer in an inclined channel containing porous and fluid layers in a rotating system
Paramsetti Sri Ramachandra Murty and Gudala Balaji Prakash

4. Newton-kantorovich method for two-dimensional non-linear singular integral equations
Nizami Mustafa

5. A new approach to inverse and direct systems of soft topological spaces
Sadi Bayramov, Cigdem Gunduz (Aras) and Nesrin Demirci

6. Design and optimisation of enzymatic glucose assay in meso-fluidic chemiluminescence device with glucose oxidase immobilised on pencil lead
Watcharin Seeramad, Lori Shayne T. Alamo, Tanin Tanguaram and Sakchai Satienperakul

7. Some second-derivative-free sixth-order convergent iterative methods for non-linear equations
Farooq Ahmed Shah, Muhammad Aslam Noor and Muhammad Waseem

8. Effects of biological matrices and sample collection conditions on the reliability of methamphetamine analysis
Chayanant Hongfa and Rasda Boonprasert

9. B(e2) values of te isotopes with even n (68-74) by means of interacting boson model-1
Imam Hossain, Fadhil I. Sharrad, Mohammad A. Saeed, Hewa Y. Abdullah and Said A. Mansour

10. On statistical convergence of order a of difference sequence of functions
Muhammed Cinar and Mikail Et

11. Recommending design patterns using task-based conceptual features
Nasith Laosen, Nuttapon Sanyawong and Ekawit Nantajeewarawat