1. Determining r elationships between s oil p roperties and p lant d istribution in a protected area in central iran
Mohammad Homayoun, Ahmad Jalalian, Ali A. Besalatpour, Ali Basirat and Inge Aalders

2. Wimax deployment- a report for a rural region of thailand
Chalee Vorakulpipat, Kitti Wongthavarawat, Kitiwat Limmongkol and Siwaruk Siwamogsatham

3. Structural implications for nectar secretion by nectaries of three columnar cacti
Whaleeha Gudi?o, Judith M?rquez-Guzm?n and Erick de la Barrera

4. Defining the soil parameters for computing deformations caused by braced excavation
Linlong Mu, Richard J. Finno, Maosong Huang, Taesik Kim and Kristi Kern

5. Some convolution properties of a subclass of p-valent functions
Khalida Inayat Noor and Nazar Khan

6. Statistical process control- best practices in small and medium enterprises
Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman, Rosmaizura Mohd Zain, Afis Mohd Alias and Zulkifli Mohd Nopiah

7. Three dimensional finite element analysis for preliminary establishment of tunnel influence zone subject to pile loading
Prateep Lueprasert, Pornkasem Jongpradist, Kitcha Charoenpak, Pattanasak Chaipanna and Suchatvee Suwansawat

8. Soret effects on unsteady magnetohydrodynamic mixed- convection heat-and-mass-transfer flow in a porous medium with newtonian heating
Abid Hussanan, Mohd Z. Salleh, Ilyas Khan, Razman M. Tahar and Zulkhibri Ismail

9. An analogue of eulerian polynomials related to l-type function
Serkan Araci, Mehmet Acikgoz, Roberto B. Corcino and Cenap ?zel

10. Kothe-toeplitz duals of some n-normed valued difference sequence spaces
Hemen Dutta

11. Nutritional composition, in vitro starch digestibility and estimated glycemic index of three varieties of kluai namwa banana (musa sapientum l.) and its products
Nednapis Vatanasuchart, Pisut Butsuwan and Wassana Narasri

12. Genetic mapping of leaf blast resistance gene in landrace rice cultivar gs19769
Nonglak Parinthawong, Pennapar Tansian and Tanee Sreewongchai