1. Current str-based techniques in forensic science
Phuvadol Thanakiatkrai and Thitika Kitpipit

2. Voltage controlled resistor using quasi-floating-gate mosfets
Rockey Gupta and Susheel Sharma

3. Synthesis, characterisation and antimicrobial activities of vic-dioxime derivatives containing heteroaromatic hydrazonegroups and their metal complexes
Ilknur Babahan, Esin Poyrazoglu Coban and Halil Biyik

4. Mixed cropping of annual feed legumes with barley improves feed quantity and crude protein content under dry-land conditions
Khoshnood Alizadeh and Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva

5. Influence of laser beam’s image-plane position on geometry of through-holes in percussion-drilled glass using excimer laser
Ales Babnik, Rok Petkovsek and Janez Mozina

6. Effects of nutrient media on vegetative growth of lemna minor and landoltia punctata during in vitroand ex vitrocultivation
Chokchai Kittiwongwattana and Supachai Vuttipongchaikij

7. Identification and biocellulose production of gluconacetobacter strains isolated from tropical fruits in thailand
Amornrat Suwanposri, Pattaraporn Yukphan, Yuzo Yamada and Daungjai Ochaikul

8. Essential oil composition of sixteen elite cultivars of mentha from western himalayan region, india
Rajendra C. Padalia, Ram S. Verma, Amit Chauhan, Velusamy Sundaresan and Chandan S. Chanotiya

9. A case study on estimating the flood severity using flood hydrographs for small ungauged catchments in korea
Eung Seok Kim and Hyun Il Choi

10. P-absolutely summable sequences of fuzzy real numbers
Ayhan Esi

11. Thai pigs and cattle production, genetic diversity of livestock and strategies for preserving animal genetic resources
Rangsun Charoensook, Christoph Knorr, Bertram Brenig and Kesinee Gatphayak

12. Symmetries and exact solutions of einstein field equations for perfect fluid distribution and pure radiation fields
Lakhveer Kaur and Rajesh Kumar Gupta

13. Second-order duality for minimax fractional programming involving generalised type-i functions
Anurag Jayswal and Dilip Kumar

14. Factors influencing dietary supplement consumption- a case study in chiang mai, thailand
Wiwat Wangcharoen, Doungporn Amornlerdpison and Kriangsak Mengumphan

15. Detecting drought stress in longan tree using thermal imaging
Winai Wiriya-Alongkorn, Wolfram Spreer, Somchai Ongprasert, Klaus Spohrer, Tanachai Pankasemsuk and Joachim Müller