1. A statistical characterization for porous media structures
Phongsan Meekunnasombat and Florian Fichot

2. Factors affecting the knowledge and understanding of health impact assessment manual of consultant firms in thailand for practical channel
Tawadchai Suppadit, Kojchakorn Boonsit and Pakkapong Poungsuk

3. Genetically modified soy in local tofu- effect of tofu preparation on transgenic element epsps
Prasert Wongwathanarat and Khanitha Wongwathanarat

4. Introgressing multiple qtl in backcross breeding programs of limited size
N. Piyasatian, R.L. Fernando and J.C.M. Dekkers

5. Maintenance job scheduling- a multi-criteria approach under stochastic-fuzzy uncertainty
Ladi Ogunwolu, A.A. Sosimi, K.O. Shittu, E.O. Oyetunji, and S. A. Oke

6. Use of genetic markers to aid conservation decisions for groups of rare domestic breeds
N. Piyasatian and B.P. Kinghorn