1. Friction stir welded of ssm cast 356 aluminium alloys with t6 heat treatment
Worapong Boonchouytan, Thanate Ratanawilai, Prapas Muangjunburee, Kanit Tapasa

2. Write current optimization for magnetic recording system
Pornchai Pliamsup, Pornchai Supnithi, Kanawat Senanan

3. (q,r) based inventory model for thailand s hdd industry- a simulation study
Pitchawee Meesukdilokpat, Danaipong Chetchotsak

4. Design of small chamber electrode for liquid food pasteurization by using pulse-electric field
Nitipong Panklang

5. An experimental study on performance desalination of solar still with sunray-reflecting sheets
Jaruwat Jareanjit, Banyat Niyomvas

6. Development of decision-making system for allocating cane harvesting laborers in inbound logistics of sugar cane and sugar industry
Noptada Chaibung, Kanchana Sethanan

7. Wood plastic composites from oil palm wood and hdpe
Natchayapa Thanawattanasirikul, Thanate Ratanawilai, Klangduen Pochana

8. A comparison on leakage current of 22 kv porcelain insulator by using rotating wheel tester with high voltage ac and impulse voltage excitation
Bounthanh Banhthasit, Kittipong Tonmitra, Amnart Suksri, Arkom Kaewrawang, Mongkol Leeparkobboon

9. A technique for improving noise performance of common-gate fully-differential front-end amplifier
Puttachai Chimpleekul, Varakorn Kasemsuwan

10. Max-min ant system (mmas) for vehicle routing problem with time windows
Suphan Sodsoon, Preecha Changyom

11. Modeling of three-phase controlled rectifier with a resistive load using a dq method
Kosol Chaicharoenudomrung, Kongpan Areerak, konspol Areerak

12. The shear strength evaluation of unsaturated soils by triaxail testing
Ratamanee Nuntasarn

13. Microbial fuel cell- novel technology convert wastewater to electricity
Chontisa Sukkasem