1. Fabrication of cubic-like shape calcium oxide based-solid catalyst forbiodiesel production
Pavinee Pongwan, Muttana Kacha, Vinich Promarak and Taweesak Sudyoadsuk

2. Comparison of capsaicinoid content, scoville heat units and total sensory value on different stages of physiological maturity in chilli
Charuwan Thanawiroon and sudarat Homhual

3. Work analysis and allocation of transportation operators in hard disk drive production line
Pornsiri Jongkol, Teerasak Thongsumrit and Wannisa Nutkum

4. Selective bromination of 4, 6-dimethoxyindole derivatives
Tinnakon Keawin, Palitra Kodchapradit, Vinich Promarak, Sayan Sangsuwan, Taweesak Sudyoadsuk and Siriporn Jungsuttiwong

5. Effect of temperature on the high speed diesel fuel jets behaviors
Wuttichai Sittiwong, Kulachate Pianthong, Wirapan Seehanam, Anirut Matthujak and Chaidet Kasamnimitporn

6. Improvement on the performance of spark ignition engine using ethanol (e100) and gasohol e85fuel
Vilaknam Phoncharoen and Kulachate Pianthong

7. Combustion characteristic and performance of cylindrical biomass stove
Supin Jodnok, Kulachate Pianthong and Jing DinchirdChoo

8. Grayanotoxins
Prapairat Sriponkrai

9. Line balancing for varied cycle time following production constraints
Nuchsara Kriengkorakot and Preecha Kriengkorakot

10. Effects of molasses and vinasses as feed additives on quality and nutritive value of leucaenaleucocephalasilage for ruminants feed
Nuttida Chiangjong, Sudathip Chanthon and Praewpan Kruamongkorn