1. Micropropagation of caladium bicolor vent., kalanchoe blossfeldiana poellnitz. and kakanchoe pinnata pers.
Phopgao Buddharak Ruttaporn Chundet and Warut U-kong

2. A study on the factors related to academic achievement of faculty of science , king mongkut’s institute of technology ladkrabang
Sujitra Sukonthamut

3. Statistical hypotheses testing under negative binomial distribution
Boonyasit Warachan and Saichon Sinsomboonthong

4. Ocimum sanctum linn. and free radical scavenging activity
Sukanya Keawsaard

5. Techniques for determination of methyl ester in biodiesel
Pesak Rungrojchaipon and Sairoong Saowsupa

6. The estimation of nonparametric regression model with semipar package in r program
Autcha Araveeporn

7. Strong convergence theorem by s - mapping
Preeyaporn Surbkird, Piyada Phosri and Atid Kangtunyakarn