1. A multivariate analysis of patients with glioma a treatment outcome and prognostic factor for survival
Chaiyot Siangprasertkij MD*, Yot Navalitloha MD PhD*

2. Acupuncture use among people living with hiv-aids in northern thailand motives, barriers, and attitudes
Angelina Arbisi BS*, Ratana Panpanich MD**

3. Acute monoblastic leukemia with t(10-11)(p12-q23) presenting with pulmonary involvement a case report and literature review
Kannadit Prayongratana MD*, Manaphol Kulpraneet MD*, Prapaporn Panichchob BSc**, Woraphot Tantisiriwat MD***

4. Arrhythmia in early post cardiac surgery in pediatrics siriraj experience
Kanoknaphat Chaiyarak MD*, Jarupim Soongswang MD**, Kritvikrom Durongpisitkul MD**, Duangmanee Laohaprasitiporn MD**, Prakul Chanthong MD**, Apichart Nana MD**, Somchai Sriyodcharti MD***, Thaworn Subtaweesin MD***, Ungkab Prakanrattana MD****

5. Awake intubation with airtraq laryngoscope in a morbidly obese patient
Thida Uakritdathikarn MD, MSc*, Thanyamon Asampinawat MD*, Thunchanok Wanasuwannakul MD*, Benjawan Yoosamran MD**

6. Business on hope a case study on private cord blood stem cell banking
Sorapop Kiatpongsan MD*,**,***

7. Comparison of posterior and lateral surgical approach in management of type iii supracondylar fractures of the humerus among the children
Narongsak Bamrungthin MD*

8. Comparison of the tintara uterine manipulator with the cohen cannula in gynecologic laparoscopy
Chainarong Choksuchat MD*, Chatpavit Getpook MD*, Saranya Watthanagamthornkul MD*, Thanapan Choobun MD*, Kriengsak Dhanaworavibul MD*, Hatern Tintara MD*

9. Differences of sexual behavior predictors between sexually active and nonactive female adolescents in congested communities, bangkok metropolis
Arpaporn Powwattana PhD*, Pantip Ramasoota PhD*

10. Frameless stereotactic for deep brain stimulation placement operative technique
Teeradej Srikijvilaikul MD*, Roongroj Bhidayasiri MD**

11. Gender and ethnic differences in cardiovascular risks in songkhla province, thailand the interasia-south
Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong MD, PhD*, Tada YipIntsoi MB, PhD**, Nualta Apakupakul RN, MA*

12. Idiopathic fibrosis of the quadriceps muscle a case report with magnetic resonance imaging and pathological findings
Rachawan Suksathien MD*

13. Intracranial tumors affecting visual system 5-year review in prasat neurological institute
Patcharapim Masaya-anon MD*, Jing Lorpattanakasem MD*

14. Osteoporosis overview in disease, epidemiology, treatment and health economy
Chatlert Pongchaiyakul MD*, Thawee Songpattanasilp MD**, Nimit Taechakraichana MD***

15. Post operative penicillin-non-susceptible streptococcus pneumoniae meningitis and septic shock in a child
Pagakrong Lumbiganon MD*, Palakorn Surakunprapha MD**, Pope Kosalaraksa MD*, Prajuab Chaimanee MSc (Medical Microbiology)***

16. Potential effectiveness of health warning labels among employees in thailand
Pimpan Silpasuwan EdD*, Yaowaluk Ngoenwiwatkul DrPH**, Chukiat Viwatwongkasem PhD***, Pratana Satitvipawee MPH***, Nithat Sirichotiratana PhD****, Dusit Sujirarat MSc*****

17. Preliminary study of randomly-amplified polymorphic dna analysis for typing extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing klebsiella pneumoniae
Chanwit Tribuddharat MD, PhD*, Somporn Srifuengfung PhD*, Wararat Chiangjong MSc*

18. Prevalence and associate factors for striae gravidarum
Ratree J-orh MD*, Vitaya Titapant MD*, Prakong Chuenwattana PhD*, Pornpen Tontisirin BN

19. Prevalence of mental health problem during first-half pregnancy at siriraj hospital
Surapol Wingwontham MD*, Wiboolphan Thitadilok MD*, Supachoke Singhakant MD**

20. Right not to know the investigation result
Viroj Wiwanitkit MD*

21. Risk factors for a five-year death in the interasia-south cohort
Panapat Tocharoenvanich MD*, Tada Yipintsoi MB, PhD, FRCP**, Kittisakdi Choomalee BSc**, Penpan Boonwanno BA*, Amorn Rodklai MD, MPH*

22. Satisfaction of healthy pregnant women receiving short message service via mobile phone for prenatal support a randomized controlled trial
Rossathum Jareethum MD*, Vitaya Titapant MD*, Chantra Tienthai BN**, Sommai Viboonchart BN*, Prakong Chuenwattana PhD*, Jirawan Chatchainoppakhun BN**

23. Skin diseases during floods in thailand
Vasanop Vachiramon MD*, Ploysyne Busaracome MD*, Piriyaporn Chongtrakool PhD**, Siripen Puavilai MD*

24. The best criteria to diagnose metabolic syndrome in hypertensive thai patients
Panita Limpawattana MD*, Kittisak Sawanyawisuth MD*, Ploysyne Busaracome MD*, Chingching Foocharoen MD*, Chalongchai Phitsanuwong MD*, Somchit Chumjan BSc**, Ratchanee Chotmongkol BSc**, Seksan Chaisuksant MD***

25. The new effective tool for data migration from old pacs (rogan) to new pacs (fuji synapse) with integrated thai patient names
Thanongchai Siriapisith MD*, Trongtum Tongdee MD*