1. Comparison of factors affecting on kdml 105 rice production according to gap standard of individual and group farmers in mahasarakham province
Phanthiwa Kwang-Ngoen, Budsara Limnirunkul and Ruth Sirisunyaluck

2. An overview of small-scale farmers in vegetable production in three districts in suriname
Wasudha , M . S., Ori , L . and Vanwing , T .

3. Cattle rumen microorganisms hydrolysis for switchgrass saccharification, volatile fatty acids and methane production
Florendo , P. DC. , Sharma - shivappa , R. and VFellner , V.

4. Development of the euplectrus sp. near bicolor(hymenoptera: eulophidae) on zonoplusia ochreata (lepidoptera: noctuidae)
Janejira Namee and Suvarin Bumroongsook

5. Effectiveness of bottle brush (callistemon lanceolatus dc.) leaf extracts to control the nymph of mealybug (phenacoccus manihoti matile-ferrero)
Thanawat Sannongmueang, Jarongsak Pumnuan and Ammorn Insung

6. The length - weight relationship factor and sex-ratio of mantis shrimp (harpiosquilla spp.) in andaman sea of satun province, thailand.
Samphan Promhom and Amporn Ratanamusik

7. Induced mutation of dendranthemum grandiflora through tissue cultureby ethyl methanesulphonate (ems)
Yoosumran , V., Soraya Ruamrungsri, Wanida Duangkongsan and Kanjana Saetiew

8. Control of rice blast disease using antagonistic yeasts
Darunee Kunyosying, Chaiwat To-Anun and Ratchadawan Cheewangkoon

9. Methanol extract and nanocomposite of trichoderma spas a potential bio-control against fusarium moniliforme in tomato (lycopersicon esculentum).
Inovejas , R . C . * and Divina , C . C.

10. Fate of certain pesticides in presence of biochar in cultivated soil.
Ghada N. EL - Masry and Kari Tiilikkala

11. Method development for pesticide determination in paddy rice using near infrared spectroscopy
Saowaluk Rungchang, Sonthaya Numthuam, Rangsun Charoensook, Thongkum , P. and Chanikan Junmatong

12. Research and development on bio-products in china : a short communication.
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