1. The impact of major constraints on agricultural extension in eastern libya
Jadalla, A.E. Omar, Abu Hassan Abu Bakar, Hasnah Md. Jais and Faisal Moftah Shalloof

2. Landscape planning and design at buddhamonthon park, narathiwat, thailand
Sarayut Phonpho and Jesada Kaewchai

3. Effect of moisture content and dimensional size on the shearing chararacteristics of sugarcane stalks
Javad Taghinezhad and Reza Alimardani and Ali Jafari

4. Hybrid maize response to assorted chelated and non chelated foliar applied zinc rates
Farhan Khalid, Muhammad Tahir, Naeem Fiaz, Muhammad Ather Nadeem and Syed Muhammad Waqas Gillani

5. Salicylic acid induced changes in some physiological parameters in chickpea (cicer arietinum l.) under salt stress
M. Asadi, M.A. Heidari, M.K. Azemi and A.R. Filinejad

6. Performance and carcass quality of broiler chickens in response to prosopis juliflora seed (pjs) as a by-product
A. Mohammadi, Javad Nasr, Enayat Rahmatnejad and Mahmoud Dashtizadeh

7. Effect of vitamin c, acetylsalicylic, nahco3 and kcl supplementation on the performance of broiler chickens under heat stress condition
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8. Inhibitory activity of chaetomium globosum kunze extract against philippine strain of pyricularia oryzae cavara
Emmanuel E. Gandalera, Cynthia C. Divina and Joselito Dg. Dar

9. The effects of dietary inclusion rate of molasses distillers soluble on nutrients digestibility, performance and some blood biological parameters of fattening lambs
M.M. Moeini, V. Sadr, F. Hozhabri and M.Sanjabi

10. Phytotoxic effect of hexavalent chromium on germination and seedling growth of seeds of different plant species
Nezha Tahri Joutey, Wifak Bahafid, Hanane Sayel and Naïma EL Ghachtouli

11. Biochemical changes associated with fruit development in abelmoschus esculentus cv. arka anamika
Sreeshma L.S. and Bindu R. Nair

12. Nutritive profile of seafoods of different regions of iran
Ali Aberoumand

13. Nutrient composition, functional and organoleptic properties of complementary food formulated from sorghum, walnut and ginger
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14. Indigenous knowledge of ethnic tribes for utilization of wild mushrooms as food and medicine in similipal biosphere reserve, odisha, india
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15. Development of polysaccharide-lipid based composite wax formulation to enhance the storage quality of orange
Nilanthi Anuruddika Wijewardane

16. Genetic diversity of fusarium wilt pathogen of tobacco from karnataka, india
K. Sumana, K.R. Kini, Venkataramana and N.S. Devaki

17. Nutritional and phytochemical compositions of fireweed (crassocephalum crepidioides)
Arawande, Jacob Olalekan, Komolafe, Eniayo Ayodeji and Imokhuede, Bamidele

18. Effects of four year sewage sludge application on some morphological traits and chlorophyll content in basil
Azadeh Kashani, Hemmatollah Pirdashti and Keyan Kashani

19. Efficacy of post-harvest fungicide sprays and fan-drying for the control of gray mould (botrytis cinerea) in roses
Maria Goss and Upenyu Mazarura

20. Micropropagation of thymus satureioides coss. an endangered medicinal plant of morocco
Nordine Aicha, Tlemcani Chendid Rachida and El Meskaoui Abdelmalek