1. Comparison of the spherical optics and fresnel lens performance in a point-focus cpv system
Carlo Renno, Alessandro Perone, Valeria Pirone

2. A comprehensive assessment of a rooftop grid-connected photovoltaic system: a case study for central vietnam
Xuan Cuong Ngo, Thi Hong Nguyen, Nhu Y Do

3. Islanding operation among solar hybrid system and grid-tied pv system in buildings
Piyadanai Pachanapan, Phisut Apichayakul, Akaraphunt Vongkunghae, Sarintip Tantanee

4. Data-flow programming based non-intrusive load monitoring for electricity in remote area
Syafrudi Syafrudi, Fransisco Danang Wijaya, Sarjiya Sarjiya

5. Impact of installing small wind turbines in urban areas on reducing pollution – a case study
Gazmend Krasniqi, Shpetim Lajqi, Bojan ?urin, Nikola Kranj?i?

6. Short torrefaction process: a new alternative way for biomass pellet upgrading
Nitipong Soponpongpipat, Sanphasit Chonlaphan, Paisan Comsawang, Pongsiri Jaruyanon

7. Upgrading of bio-oil from energy crops via fast pyrolysis using nanocatalyst in a bubbling fluidized bed reactor
Jutaporn Chanathaworn, Chokchai Yatongchai

8. Construction and testing of continuous feed biomass thermosyphon torrefaction reactor
Nitipong Soponpongpipat, Sanphasit Chonlaphan

9. Performance of an empty dryer electrically heated by natural and mixed convection
Samah Adjmi, Ch?rifa Abid

10. Effect of various control strategies on gasoline compression ignition engine: a review
Kien Nguyen Trung