Volume 22, No. 01, Month MARCH, Year 2022, Pages 89 - 96

Performance of an empty dryer electrically heated by natural and mixed convection

Samah Adjmi, Ch?rifa Abid

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In this paper, we report an experimental study on an empty dryer. The device under is an indirect dryer electrically heated. The focus is made on the thermal and fluid behavior in such systems without considering the drying process. Thus, the temperature and fluid velocity profiles are presented in order to determine the fluid flow and the thermal profiles inside the different parts of the dryer in the situations of natural and mixed convection in order to describe and allow a better comprehension of the heat and fluid flow patterns inside a dryer. The enthalpy balances lead to the determination of the most efficient zone in the dryer, this latter is located at 2/3 of its length.


Absorber, Enthalpy balances, Heat flux, Indirect dryer, Mixed convection, Natural convection


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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