1. The challenge of feed-in-tariff (fit) policies applied to the development of electricity from sustainable resources – lessons for vietnam
Tran Thi Lan, Kuaanan Techato, Sopin Jirakiattikul

2. Effects of sorting schemes on the most cost-effective number of energy conservation measures
Thosapon Katejanekarn, Narong Promsorn

3. Exergy analysis and optimization of gasifier-solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine hybrid system
Dev Nandwana, Amrit Raj, Tejas Deepak Kadkade, Manavalla Sreekanth

4. Numerical study of performance of a late mixing porous burner (lmpb) for combustion of low-calorific synthetic-gas from biomass gasification
Kanokkarn Jirakulsomchok, Sumol Sae-Heng Pisitsungkakarn

5. Torrefaction of agricultural wastes: influence of lignocellulosic types and treatment temperature on fuel properties of biochar
Kamonwat Nakason, Jiaranai Pathomrotsakun, Wasawat Kraithong, Pongtanawat Khemthong, Bunyarit Panyapinyopol