Volume 19, No. 04, Month DECEMBER, Year 2019, Pages 243 - 252

Numerical study of performance of a late mixing porous burner (lmpb) for combustion of low-calorific synthetic-gas from biomass gasification

Kanokkarn Jirakulsomchok, Sumol Sae-Heng Pisitsungkakarn

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This work examines the performance of a late mixing porous burner (LMPB) in term of radiant output efficiency. The low-calorific-synthetic-gas from Mangium tree gasification was used as a fuel. The system consists of two main porous media: the first one serves as a fuel preheated porous and the second one serve as a combustor that is around with the air jacket for air preheating and preventing heat loss to the surrounding. The two porous media are separated by the small space which serve as a mixing chamber. The study results indicated that the stabilized combustion of low-calorific-synthetic-gas can be occurred. The radiant output efficiency is increased with increasing equivalence ratio while the radiant output efficiency is decreased with increasing firing rate. Moreover, the LMPB provide the radiant output efficiency in the range of 28.5% to 67%.


biomass, burner performance, combustion, gasification, porous burner.


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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