1. Analysis on optimal thermohydraulic performance of solar air heater having multiple v-shaped wire rib roughness on absorber plate
Dhananjay Kumar, Laljee Prasad

2. Effect of ambient temperature and wind speed on performance ratio of polycrystalline solar photovoltaic module: an experimental analysis
Subhash Chandra, Sanjay Agrawal, D.S. Chauhan

3. Evaluation of the temperature based models for the estimation of global solar radiation in pretoria, gauteng province of south africa
Eric Nnditshedzeni Maluta, Sophie Tshimangadzo Mulaudzi

4. Heterogeneous stove testing methods for the evaluation of domestic solid-fuel cookstoves
Tafadzwa Makonese

5. Research of hydraulic resistance and heat transfer in elements of pipe columns with alternate arrangement located in gas pipes behind the screen of hot-water boiler
Rakhimzhan Kabievich Orumbayev, Andrey Anatolievich Kibarin, Maxim Sergeevich Korobkov, Tatyana Viktorovna Khodanova

6. Thermal and energy saving analysis by using tinted double window glass combinations for heat gain in buildings
Gorantla Kirankumar, Saboor Shaik, Ashok Babu Putta Ranga Talanki Setty