1. Biohybrid visual prosthesis for restoring blindness
Tohru Yagi

2. 2d affine invariant fiducial points and affine absolute invariants for shape matching under affine and weak perspective transformations
Fernand S. Cohen, and C. Pintavirooj

3. Photoacoustic generation mechanisms and measurement systems for biomedical applications
Siridech Boonsang

4. Lipoprotein sensor- a piezoelectric quartz crystal device
Suticha Chunta, Chamras Promptmas, and Chainarong Cherdchu

5. Finite element analyses for a study of hepatic cancer tissue destruction using monopolar and bipolar radio-frequency ablation
Supan Tungjitkusolmun

6. Directivity pattern measurement of ultrasound transducers
Sumet Umchid

7. A wavelet-based factor for classification of heart sounds with mitral regurgitation
Chissanuthat Bunluechokchai and Weerasak Ussawawongaraya

8. Reliability of the universal and invented gravity goniometers in measuring active cervical range of motion in normal healthy subject
Araya Yankai and P. Manosan

9. Medical knowledge-based system for diagnosis from symptoms and signs
Watcharachai Wiriyasuttiwong and Walita Narkbuakaew

10. Coordination model for medical diagnosis
A. Aguilera and A. Subero

11. Computer-aided system for microscopic images- application to breast cancer nuclei counting
Pornchai Phukpattaranont, Somchai Limsiroratana, and Pleumjit Boonyaphiphat