1. Improvement and analysis of air flow inside housing of centrifugal fan with backward curved blades using computational fluid dynamics
Taweesak Mahawan and Yottana Khunatorn

2. Greenhouse gas analysis for open-pit coal mining industry in thailand
Patcharaporn Pongpat and Sate Sampattagul

3. Study and design of ignition for 250 watt mercury lamp
Saravut Sukudom and Vijit Kinnares

4. Eparametric study of lime production by using limestone dust from quarry mine waste for designing kiln
Sucheewan Naboonme, Panlop Huttagosol, and Pirat jaroonpattanpong

5. Use of ultrasonic wave to enhance thermal performance of thermosyphon heat exchangerin coolness recovery system
Rattanee Sanjit, Sate Sampattagul, Atipong Nuntaphun, and Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat

6. Optimization of coil winding parameters by experimental design
Krisna Boonthawongsa and Nivit Charernchai

7. Para metrics analysis of appropriate parameters in straight turning of steel 37 shaft
Chanchai Siwilai and Santichaishevasutisilp