1. Discriminative image enhancement for robust cascaded segmentation of ct images
Boonnatee Sakboonyarat, Pinyo Taeprasartsit

2. Hierarchical text classication using relative inverse document frequency
Boonthida Chiraratanasopha, Thanaruk Theeramunkong, Salin Boonbrahm

3. Localization of a micro auv with dynamic trilateration using low-power packet radio rssi
Thanathorn Phoka, Kritsana Kumphet, Wansuree Massagram

4. Optimal energy management and sizing of a community smart microgrid using ga with demand side management and load uncertainty
Maneesh Kumar, Barjeev Tyagi

5. Application of a fuzzy analytic hierarchy process to select the level of a cyber resilient capability maturity model in digital supply chain systems
Naris Uraipan, Prasong Praneetpolgrang, Tharini Manisri

6. A hybrid firefly algorithm with fuzzy movement for solving the flexible job shop scheduling problem
Ajchara Phu-ang

7. A large scalar multiplication algorithm using modified pell numbers for key generation
Fudailah Duemong, Ladda Preechaveerakul

8. Comparison of vision-based and cnnbased classiers for fish monitoring in complex environment
Yijun Ling, Phooi Yee Lau

9. Interpretation of spatial relationships by objects tracking in a complex streaming video
Noralhuda Alabid

10. Outlier detection in wellness data using probabilistic mapped mean-shift algorithms
Siriwan Phongsasiri, Suwanna Rasmequan