1. Process tree-based analysis method of declare relation constraints in acyclic bridge-less well-structured workflow nets
Shingo Yamaguchi, Mohd Anuaruddin Bin Ahmadon

2. A review on stereo vision algorithm: challenges and solutions
Kai Yit Kok, Parvathy Rajendran

3. Identification of l-theanine acid effectiveness in oolong tea on human brain memorization and meditation
Wanus Srimaharaj, Supansa Chaising, Punnarumol Temdee, Phakkharawat Sittiprapaporn, Roungsan Chaisricharoen

4. An integration of tam with usage barriers and ability to understand consumers intention to use ssts
Sompoch Tongnamtiang, Adisorn Leelasantitham

5. Segmenting snow scene from cctv using deep learning approach
Punyanuch Borwarnginn, Worapan Kusakunniran, Parintorn Pooyoi, Jason H. Haga

6. A system for sleepwalking accident prevention utilizing the remote sensor of wearable device
Kasikrit Damkliang, Jarutas Andritsch, Krittamate Khamkom, Nanida Thongthep

7. Improving model using estimate error for daily inflow forecasting
Yaowalak Ngamsanroaj, Kreangsak Tamee

8. Analysing the eeg signal effectiveness of chiang rai arabica drip coffee on individual human brainwave
Cui Chenghu, Santichai Wicha, Roungsan Chaisricharoen

9. Very short-term photovoltaic power forecasting using stochastic factors
Kriangkamon Khumma, Kreangsak Tamee

10. Acquisition and utilization of mental imagery capability in robotic action sequencing tasks
Kristsana Seepanomwan