1. An efficient search algorithm for multi-hop network localization in sparse unit disk graph model
Phisan Kaewprapha, Nattakan Puttarak, Thaewa Tansarn

2. Rca on fpgas designed by the rtl design methodology and wave-pipelined operation
Tomoaki Sato, Sorawat Chivapreecha, Phichet Moungnoul, Kohji Higuchi

3. The improving the efficiency for the quality assurance information systems based on the six-sigma principle
Thitirath Cheowsuwan, Somporn Saipanya and Supan Tongphet

4. Iterative based time domain equalization method for dfts-ofdm under highly mobile environments
Pongsathorn Reangsuntea, Arttapol Reangsuntea, Pisit Boonsrimuang, Kazuo Mori and Hideo Kobayashi

5. Quantification of valve stiction using particle swarm optimisation with linear decrease inertia weight
Sarawan Wongsa, Pongsurachat Aksornsri

6. Probabilistic modelling of variation in fgmosfet devices
Rawid Banchuin, Roungsan Chaisricharoen

7. Studying peripheral vascular pulse wave velocity using bio-impedance plethysmography and regression analysis
Ji-Jer Huang, Yang-Min Huang, Aaron Raymond See

8. Output voltage control of the sp topology ipt system based on primary side controller operating at zvs
Supapong Nutwong, Anawach Sangswang, Sumate Naetiladdanon, Ekkachai Mujjalinvimut

9. Enhanced running spectrum analysis for robust speech recognition under adverse conditions: case study on japanese speech
George Mufungulwa, Hiroshi Tsutsui, Yoshikazu Miyanaga, Shin-ichi Abe

10. Pattern based motion estimation using zero motion pre-judgement and quantum behaved particle swarm optimization