1. Thin film preparation of silicon nanocrystals embedded in silicon oxide by sol-gel method
Thipwan Fangsuwannarak and Kanika Khunchana

2. Secure multicast group communication scheme in wireless ipv6 networks
Abbas Mehdizadeh, Fazirulhisyam Hashim and Raja S. Azmir Raja Abdullah

3. The parameterization of all disturbance observers for time-delay plants with any input and output disturbances
Jie Hu, Kou Yamada and Tatsuya Sakanushi

4. A design method for robust stabilizing modified repetitive controllers for multiple-input multiple-output time-delay plants with specified input-output characteristic
Yun Zhao, Kou Yamada, Tatsuya Sakanushi and Satoshi Tohnai

5. Proposal of channel estimation method for its systems by using stbc mimo-ofdm
Tanairat Mata, Katsuhiro Naito, Pisit Boonsrimuang, Kazuo Mori and Hideo Kobayashi

6. Augmented javanese speech levels machine translation
Aji P. Wibawa, Andrew Nafalski and Wayan F. Mahmudy

7. Configuring ann for inundation areas identication based on relevant thematic layers
Supattra Puttinaovarat, Paramate Horkaew and Kanit Khaimook

8. Computing sentiment polarity of texts at document and aspect levels
Vivek Kumar Singh, Rajesh Piryani, Pranav Waila and Madhavi Devaraj

9. Hybrid genetic algorithms for part type selection and machine loading problems with alternative production plans in flexible manufacturing system
Wayan F. Mahmudy, Romeo M. Marian and Lee H. S. Luong

10. Smart climbing mirror cleaning robot using hybrid fuzzy-pid control based on pneumatic system
Songkran Kantawong