1. Human detection by boosting-based co-occurrence of hog and color feature
R. Matsumura, A. Hanazawa

2. Client driven system of depth image based rendering
N. Fukushima, Y. Ishibashi

3. No-reference jpeg image quality assessment using haar wavelet decomposition
I. P. Gunawan, A. Halim

4. Moving objects segmentation at a traffic junction from vehicular vision
J. K. Tan, S. Ishikawa, S. Sonoda, T. Morie

5. A low-complexity and low power design of 2d-median filter
T. Matsubara, V. G. Moshnyaga, K. Hashimoto

6. Storage of usage information on research resource metadata database- corpus construction using academic articles
S. Kozawa, H. Tohyama, K. Uchimoto, S. Matsubara

7. Adaptive forgetting-factor rls-based initialisation per-tone equalisation in discrete multitone systems
S. Sitjongsataporn

8. A fast and efficient palmprint identification method for a large database
M. Sakdanupab, N. Covavisaruch

9. A fuzzy backstepping control of a mobile manipulator with torque limits avoidance
M. Boukattaya, T. Dama, M. Jallouli

10. Analysis of low complexity adaptive step-size orthogonal gradient-based feq for ofdm systems
S. Sitjongsataporn