1. Self-evaluation guideline of overlapping spectrum sharing for multi-user mimo cognitive radio systems
Rattasat Laikanok, Peerapong Uthansakul, Monthippa Uthansakul

2. Electricity load forecasting using a deep neural network
Pyae Pyae Phyo, Chawalit Jeenanunta

3. Modified interactive strut-and-tie model for shear strength prediction of rc corbels
Panatchai Chetchotisak, Parin Rulak, Jaruek Teerawong

4. Comparative investigation of using deb oil and supercharging syngas and deb oil as a dual fuel in a di diesel engine
Ekkachai Sutheerasak, Worachest Pirompugd, Wirogana Ruengphrathuengsuka, Surachai Sanitjai

5. Damage evaluation of fiber-reinforced concrete exposed to elevated temperatures by nondestructive tests
Prae Suwanvitaya, Piya Chotickai, Otsuki Nobuaki

6. Forecasting oil palm and crude palm oil data in thailand using exponential time-series methods
Kittiphoom Suppalakpanya, Ruamporn Nikhom, Thitima Booranawong, Apidet Booranawong

7. Bangla dataset and mmfcc in text-dependent speaker identification
Md Atiqul Islam, An-Nazmus Sakib

8. Improving deproteinized skim natural rubber latex with a further leaching process
Bhumin Than-ardna, Hiroshi Tamura, Tetsuya Furuike

9. A hybrid-fuzzy model with reliability-based criteria for selecting consumables used in welding dissimilar aluminum alloys joint
Daniel Aikhuele

10. Steering control of a steer-by-wire system vehicle with time delay and actuator saturation via anti-windup controller
Muhammad Iqbal Zakaria, Abdul Rashid Husain