Volume 46, No. 01, Month JANUARY, Year 2019, Pages 26 - 36

Comparative investigation of using deb oil and supercharging syngas and deb oil as a dual fuel in a di diesel engine

Ekkachai Sutheerasak, Worachest Pirompugd, Wirogana Ruengphrathuengsuka, Surachai Sanitjai

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Improving diesel oil properties for the reduction of hazardous pollution and decreasing depletion of petroleum liquid fuel leads to the use of alternative fuels, especially ethanol and syngas fuels, developed for use in diesel engines. This research aims to investigate the effects of using diesel oil mixed with ethanol and emulsified butanol oil (DEB oil) and dual fuel (supercharged syngas combined with DEB oil) on engine performance and emissions in a three-cylinder direct injection (DI) diesel engine. The engine was connected to a generator and tested at various speeds at full load. The results of using DEB oil compared to diesel oil showed that it had fuel properties similar to diesel oil, with better engine performance and reduced pollution emissions, i.e., CO2, CO, and black smoke. Syngas was generated with a downdraft gasifier using charcoal. It was compressed to increase the gas flow rate from 76 to 125 lpm, combined with DEB oil and used as dual fuel. The results of engine testing compared DEB alone and diesel oils. They indicated that DEB oil and supercharged syngas as a dual fuel had higher engine performance. Moreover, compressing syngas at 125 lpm compared with using DEB oil alone at an engine speed 1600 rpm and full load found that the fuel-savings increased by 25.85% and 23.53%, respectively. Conversely, some emissions were greatly increased with greater syngas quantities and engine speeds.


DEB oil, Supercharged syngas, Diesel engine, Performance, Emissions


Published by : Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University
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