1. Identification of bioactive moleculesfrom thai centipede, scolopendrasubspinipes dehaani, venom
Muchalin Meunchan, Nunthawun Uawonggul, Praroonkorn Incamnoi, Sophida Sukprasert

2. Purification and evaluation of bioactive fractions for anti-cancer potentials from the flowers and leaves of nyctanthes arbor-tristis l.
Bibechana Timsina and Varalakshmi Kilingar Nadumane

3. Phytochemical constituents with antimicrobial and antioxidant activities from xylia xylocarpa (roxb.) taub. sawdust extracts
Pattarawadee Sumthong Nakmee, Soontree Khuntong and Nitra Nuengchamnong

4. Insights into the causes and anti-hyperglycemic effects of punica granatum rind in alloxan-induced diabetic rats
Sushil Kumar Middha, Talambedu Usha and Veena Pande

5. Antioxidant capacity and phenolic content evaluation on peanut skins from 3 peanut types
Pornnapa Chuenchom, Prasan Swatsitang, Thanaset Senawong, Sanun Jogloy

6. Optimizations of hydroxyl terminated polymerization of mannose tricyclic orthoester toward ready-to-use lipomannan backbone
Harin Leelayuwapan, Somsak Ruchirawat and Siwarutt Boonyarattanakalin

7. Performance of a gold electrode modified with a nickel oxy-hydroxide film for amperometric determination of ethyl glucuronide, a biomarker for alcohol consumption
Angkana Meechaichana, Chongdee Thammakhet, Warakorn Limbut, Panote Thavarungkul

8. Efficient synthesis of 4-vinyl guaiacol via bioconversion of ferulic acid by volvariella volvacea
Keerati Tanruean and Nuansri Rakariyatham

9. Preparation of pt ato catalysts for electrocatalysis in direct alcohol fuel cell
Li Fang, Surin Saipanya, Xuemei Luo, Xiaoping Huang and Feifei Li

10. Comparison of some modern it equipment as detectors for microfluidic paper-based determination of phosphate
Wasin Wongwilai, B. Manori Jayawardane, Spas D. Kolev, Kate Grudpan and Ian D. McK

11. Validating adsorptive capacity of areca husk carbon onto methylene blue & anova modelling
Arumugam Basker, Syed shabudeen, Appavoo Ponnuraju Shekhar and Savarimuthu Daniel

12. Electrospun cellulose acetate fiber mats containing emodin with potential for use as wound dressing
Jate Panichpakdee, Prasit Pavasant and Pitt Supaphol

13. Microstructure and mechanical properties of as-cast and heat-treated 935agcubesn alloys
Siriwan Sakultanchareonchai, Torranin Chairuangsri and Ekasit Nisaratanaporn

14. Effect of pectin contents on properties of biodegradable thermoplastic mung bean starch-low-density polyethylene blends using injection molding technique
Jutarat Prachayawarakorn and Luxana Hommanee

15. Earthy-musty odour and off-flavour taints in phayao lake, thailand
Supannee Suwanpakdee, Redel Gutierrez, Santiwat Pithakpol, Arunothai Jampeetong, Wasu Pathom-aree, Nakao Nomura, Tomoaki Itayama and Niwooti Whangchai

16. Effect of interfacial scattering on resonance peaks in conductance spectra of metal-ferromagnet-metal heterostructures
Krisakron Pasanai

17. The effective redistribution for imbalance dataset - relocating safe-level smote with minority outcast handling
Wacharasak Siriseriwan and Krung Sinapiromsaran

18. On the pell polynomials and the pell sequences in groups

19. Improved modified ratio estimators of population mean based on deciles
Muhammad Abid, Nasir Abbas and Muhammad Riaz

20. Very high gravity ethanol fermentation by the newly isolated osmotolerant saccharomyces cerevisiae isolate g2-3-2
Patcharaporn Hoondee, Vasana Tolieng, Somboon Tanasupawat, Vichien Kitpreechavanich, Ancharida Akaracharanya

21. Effect of uv-b irradiation on contents of ergosterol, vitamin d2 and other nutrients in thai edible mushrooms
Nutsuda Banlangsawan and Niwat Sanoamuang

22. An investigation on north adana (turkey) myxomycetes
Hayri Baba, Murat Zmre, Muharrem Gelen

23. Optimization of the preparation of gelatin hydrolysates with antioxidative activity from lizardfish (saurida spp.) scales gelatin
Sutee Wangtueai, Susanne Siebenhandl-Ehn and Dietmar Haltrich

24. Ameliorating reactive oxygen species-induced in vitro lipid peroxidation in liver, carbohydrate and dna damage by dendrocalamus hamiltonii different leaf extracts
Arvind Kumar Goyal, Sushil Kumar Middha, Talambedu Usha and Arnab Sen

25. Fatty acid, essential oil and phenolic compositions of alcea pallida and alcea apterocarpa with antioxidant, anticholinesterase and antimicrobial activities
Abdulselam Ertas, Mehmet Boga, Isil Gazioglu, Yeter Yesil, Nesrin Hasimi, Cumali Ozaslan, Hasibe Yilmaz, Muammer Kaplan