1. Synthesis of nanosized anatase particles from commercial rutile powder by using hydrothermal method
Ubonwan Chutiphunphinyo, Siriporn Larpkiattaworn and Pornapa Sujaridworakun

2. Subcritical water extraction of polyphenolic compounds from terminalia chebula fruits
Phattarakorn Rangsriwong, Nuchanart Rangkadilok and Artiwan Shotipruk

3. Experiments and statistical analysis of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction
Wipawee Yothipitak, Praiya Thana, Motonobu Goto and Artiwan Shotipruk

4. Influence of ph, electrolytes and polymers on flocculation of kaolin particle
Nongkhran Chaiwong and Apinon Nuntiya

5. Value added products from by-products of rice bran oil processing
Wasinee Kaewboonnum, Ketmanee Wachararuji and Artiwan Shotipruk

6. Extraction of phenolic compounds from fruits of bitter melon with subcritical water extraction and antioxidant activities of these extracts
Parichat Budrat and Artiwan Shotipruk

7. 3-d simulation of particle and gas flow behavior in a riser with venturi pipe inlet
Parinya Khongprom, Sunun Limtrakul and Terdthai Vatanatham

8. Effect of filler loading on curing characteristics and mechanical properties of thermoplastic vulcanizate
Chayanoot Sangwichien, Panita Sumanatrakool and Orasa Patarapaiboolchai

9. A new analytical expression of the gas conversion for tap experiments with bimodal-pore-structure catalyst
Wisuthchai Boonwatcharapunsakul and Phungphai Phanawadee

10. Effect of cerium oxide and zirconium oxide to activity of catalysts
Akkarat Wongkaew

11. Catalytic activity of ts-1 on the hydroxylation of benzene and toluene with hydrogen peroxide in a bubble reactor
Suchitraporn Sakullimcharoen, Panas Manit and Tharathon Mongkhonsi

12. Effect of flocculation of alumina slip on the pore size distribution of cast alumina by polyacrylamide (pam)
Piamchit Silakate, Apinon Nuntiya and Siriporn Larpkiattaworn

13. Acetaldehyde production from ethanol over ni-based catalysts
Arthit Neramittagapong, Wiphada Attaphaiboon and Sutasinee Neramittagapong

14. Catalytic study of iron, aluminum, vanadium & cobalt modified titanium silicalites-1 in the hydroxylation of benzene & alkyl benzene by hydrogen peroxide
Pornnapa Kasemsiri, Kriangkrai Shenchunthichai, Patchanee Chammingkwanand Tharathon Mongkhonsi

15. Application of polyethylene glycol and polymethyl methacrylate as a binder for powder injection moulding of hardmetals
Nutthita Chuankrerkkul, Peter F. Messer and Hywel A. Davies

16. Applying of aluminium deoxidation in iron roll casting
Teerapong Harnwirojkul, Mana Polboon, John Pearce and Thanaporn Korad

17. The effect of surfactant concentration on the interlayer structure of organoclay
Apinon Nuntiya, Supachai Sompech, Suparerk Aukkaravittayapun and Jantrawan Pumchusak

18. Preparation of nanosilica powder from rice husk ash by precipitation method
Nittaya Thuadaij and Apinon Nuntiya

19. Estimation of water content in pem fuel cell
Chinnavat Thawornkuno and Chanin Panjapornpon

20. Nonlinear model-based control for parabolic partial differential equations systems
Atthasit Tawai and Chanin Panjapornpon

21. Production methyl esters from palm fatty acids in supercritical methanol
Duangkamol Yujaroen, Artiwan Shotipruk, Motonobu Goto and Mitsuru Sasaki

22. Combustion of moist coal briquettes
Prodpran Siritheerasas, Chomthida Chunniyom, and Piyaporn Sethabunjong

23. Development of fuel briquettes from biomass-lignite blends
Suparin Chaiklangmuang, Suwit Supa and Prattana Kaewpet

24. Feasibility survey of fuel briquette demands in roasting food restaurants in chiang mai province, thailand
Suparin Chaiklangmuang, Yaowaluck Chotchaitanakorn and Sanguansak Sri-phalang

25. Adsorption equilibrium of zinc ions from aqueous solution by using modified clinoptilolite
Achanai Buasri, Phetcharat Yongbut, Nattawut Chaiyut and Kittiya Phattarasirichot

26. The preparation of cordierite-mullite composite for thermal shock resistance material
Phatthamon Kiattisaksophon and Sukdiphon Thiansem

27. Degradation of congo red dye by ozonation
Thirachitra Tapalad, Arthit Neramittagapong, Sutasinee Neramittagapong and Mallika Boonmee

28. Biosorption of lead (ii) and copper (ii) from aqueous solution
Woranart Jonglertjunya

29. Feasible use of electrical conductivity for optimizing polymer dosage and mixing time requirement in sludge conditioning
Tongchai Sriwiriyarat, Kreethaphon Siriphrom, Nut Kaewpanao, and Anucha Puansuchjar

30. Scaleup effect on performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Hong Leelasupakorn, Amaraporn Kaewchada, Watcharapon Traisantikul, Withawin Tiengtrakarnsuk, Sunun Limtrakul, and Terdthai Vatanatham

31. Comparison of sludge granule and uasb performance by adding chitosan in different forms
Boonyarit Nuntakumjorn, Wuthichok Khumsalud, Naret Vetsavas, Thoranin Sujjaviriyasup and Chantaraporn Phalakornkule