1. Editorial- the early history of journal publications

2. Effect of carrot juice and xylitol on quality of low-calorie roselle-carrot juice mixtures
Apinya Chareonkul

3. Effect of electric arc welding parameters on corrosion behaviour of austenitic stainless steel in chloride medium
Ayo Samuel Afolabi

4. How to prepare block diagrams, flow charts and pseudocode
Dobri Atanassov Batovski

5. Influence of added water and konjac flour as fat replacer on some quality characteristics of celery mayonnaise
Anchan Choonhahirun

6. Machine replacement in cooking oil bottling process
Teoh Kah Boon Kevin

7. Marketing and export of major tropical fruits from thailand
Narong Chomchalow, Songpol Somsri and Prempree Na Songkhla

8. Simulation of fatigue crack growth of locally machined bolts in nigeria
Ogwuagwu Obiajulu Vincent

9. The effect of type of workpiece material on chip formation process
Olayinka Oladele Awopetu and Sesan Peter Ayodeji

10. The mathematical model of the adsorption of some anions on mno2
Manase Auta and Duncan Folorunsho Aloko

11. Tiller effects of vetiver grass (vetiveria zizanioides (l.) nash)
Md. Golam Moula and Md. Sayedur Rahman

12. Topology control with two-hop forest construction in ad hoc networks
Rattana Chawengmahapeeti