1. Amorphous microcrystalline silicon solar cell fabricated on metal substrate and its pilot production
K. Sriprapa and P. Sichanugrist

2. Growth study of a-si-h thin films by hot wire cell pecvd method
S. Amiruddin, I. Usman, Mursal, T. Winata, Sukirno and M. Barmawi

3. Mapping the market potential for solar photovoltaic systems
B. K. Choudhury

4. Measurements of solar radiation
A. Q. Malik, Y. C. Boon, H. M. Z. H. O. Ali, H. N. H. Z. Zainal and N. H. W. H. M. Daud

5. Study of a pv-grid connected system on its output harmonics and voltage variation
J. Thongpron, U. Sangpanich, C. Limsakul, D. Chenvidya, K. Kirtikara and C. Jivacate

6. Study on long solar electro-hydro-dynamical heat pipe
M. Sato, H. Noda and Y. Ito