Volume 25, No. 03, Month JULY, Year 2020, Pages 97 - 104

Heartbeat interval variability analyzer for health check-up

Kedsara Rakpongsiri, Kwanchai Srisurak, Pornchai Rakpongsiri

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The objective of this research is to construct a heartbeat detector based on the principle of blood flow on the finger tips which are correspondent to heartbeat rhythm. The infrared absorption technique is utilized and a computer interface is used to monitor the detection. Heartbeat wave forms are displayed on the computer screen and can be recorded for analyzing the wave aspects and heartbeat rhythm. Graphic equipment can be used to analyze the signals to focus on distance of heartbeats or heartbeat interval variability. The results on testing the detector’s efficiency with twenty healthy male volunteers aged 22.35 ± 1.69, 73.80 ± 2.89 kg in weight, and 171.35 ± 3.44 m in height reveal that the “MY BEAT”, a heart rate detector, is able to detect heart rates with about 3% error from a standardized detector. Our device from the volunteers’ feedback, is also portable and easily implemented for recording heart rates while resting and after exercise training. Consequently, the MY BEAT can be used as a tool to analyze the heart rates changes and heartbeat interval variability preparation for basic health check-up.


Exercise, Infrared absorption, Heart rate, Heartbeat interval variability


Published by : Thammasat University
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