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The study of sorption characteristics of dried crab stick product using dynamic vapor sorption

Traiphop PHAHOM

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The research delved into the sorption characteristics of dried crab stick products using dynamic vapor sorption (DVS). The obtained sorption isotherm data, including equilibrium moisture content (Me) and water activity (aw), were fitted with 6 different sorption isotherm models, such as Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET), Guggenheim-Anderson-Boer (GAB), Pickett-Modified BET, Adam and Shove, Blahovec-Yanniotis, and Peleg. The results showed that the Peleg model was the best-describing model with a coefficient of determination (R2), chi-square (χ2), root mean square error (RMSE), and standard error of estimate (SEE) ranging from 0.988 to 0.998, 0.719 to 4.349, 0.431 to 2.609 and 0.692 to 1.703, respectively. According to the classification of the shape of moisture sorption isotherm, the isotherm type III and II were found in this research for adsorption and desorption, respectively. The GAB and BET models were used to estimate monolayer moisture content (M0) of the sample and it was found that the M0 ranged from 3.65 to 5.36 % dry basis and 4.57 to 4.83 % dry basis for GAB and BET models, respectively. Blahovec-Yanniotis’s model was applied in this work to investigate the contribution of water and the result showed that the contribution of solution water played a major in the moisture changes of the sample during the adsorption and desorption process. Moreover, sorption isotherm data were modeled with 0 and 1st order reaction kinetics, and the results demonstrated that 0 order and 1st order models were the most appropriate model to describe moisture changes behavior of the sample at each relative humidity step for adsorption and desorption, respectively.


Crab stick, Dynamic vapor sorption, Mathematical modeling, Sorption isotherm, Sorption kinetics


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