Volume 22, No. 02, Month JUNE, Year 2022, Pages 177 - 184

An energy audit results of up-technohub commercial building in quezon city, philippines

Joselito Olalo

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Philippine commercial buildings estimates as much as 10% of total electrical usage. This study conducted an energy assessment/audit in a private office building. It mainly discussed the different areas of the office building in this study. It evaluates their existing light and air conditioning consumption about the electrical output. It was observed that the Fan Coil Unit (FCU) operates at lower energy than its standard consumption. While the lighting system in the area does not conform to the desired lux level appropriate to the office facility. Finality, there was a specific time operating schedule for the FCU. Overall, the private facility needs an energy management program in compliance with the country’s energy efficiency and energy conservation program.


Building; Efficiency; Energy audit; Green building; Lightning


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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