Volume 32, No. 04, Month OCTOBER, Year 2022, Pages 946 - 954

A case study to increase packing efficiency of frozen tuna loin

Sunee Eadmusik, Ilada Techasri, Wanticha Savedboworn

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The packing efficiency of frozen tuna loin packing size 6 kg/pack of the case study company was lower than the target efficiency, which was 51 packs/person/hour based on expectations and perceived performance of 60 packs/person/hour. Considering several management tools, lower packing efficiency was due to 3 main causes: An uncorresponding number of workers to the production plan, different worker packing skills, and a bottleneck in packing weight verification at the end of packing line. In respect of this case study, the company could reduce the number of packing workers by one person without affecting the packing weight. When the standard packing time was set as 46.5 seconds/pack based on the performance of skilled workers and staff who have undergone training, the loss decreased by 35.44%, from 19.75% to 12.75% reduction. It was also found that a bottleneck at the end of packing line was a result of an inappropriate weighing range. After the improvements by recalculating a suitable number of workers, setting a standard packing time, providing training to staff and rearranging packing weights, the packing efficiency augmented to 55, 59 and 60 packs/person/hour respectively which reached the target efficiency and thus could reduce the production cost by 648,000 baht/day.


Frozen Food; Packing Efficiency; Industrial Management; Production Line Balancing


Published by : King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok
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