Volume 32, No. 04, Month OCTOBER, Year 2022, Pages 904 - 913

The design of digital information systems for inspection body (ib) of industrial product

Danitar Tontoh, Somkiat Jongprasithporn, Nantakrit Yodpijit, Manutchanok Jongprasithporn

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Industry 4.0 concept is a form of modern industrial management that applies advanced information technology to enhance management efficiency and increase business opportunities. This study focuses on the development of information systems in service industry in digital era. The implementation of cloud technology services has been developed as an in-house task management system, where the design is mainly focused on the user"es needs at one of the authorized inspection body (IB) accredited by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) to conduct factory inspections. This research started with user needs identification, system design and development, performance testing with a comparison of the developed system and current human-operated systems, and user satisfaction evaluation using a closed-ended questionnaire with Likert-scale response options. The results show that the proposed management information system can reduce cost and the amount of time required to get the job done by 96.25 percent and increase service productivity and user satisfaction. It is found that the application of cloud technology services can be expanded to other areas of the organization and other service industries.


Cloud; Management Information System; Service Industry; Inspection Body; Industrial Product; Industrial Standard


Published by : King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok
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