Volume 33, No. 02, Month APRIL, Year 2023, Pages -

Design and development for automated internal threads inspection machine

Thanut Vibutr, Thanasan Intarakumthornchai, Yingyot Alie-u-lan

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The inspection for automotive parts has safety requirements with the 100 percent inspection. Currently, the internal thread inspection is normally used as the threads plug gauge. This method is lengthy and relies on the feeling of humans. Preliminary inspection indicates that the standard time is approximately 19.48 seconds per piece. A large number of inspections can result in employee fatigue. Thus, it affects the decision during the Inspect. Therefore, this research will adopt the traditional internal threads inspection technique to develop the innovative internal threads inspection machine for better efficiency. The design of this machine is capable of eliminating human-induced variability for the traditional technique, such as angular misalignment of threads. The human feeling during the inspection which makes the force measurement unreliable would be replaced with the more reliable force sensor. Results of this research show that the standard time for inspection is 5.27 seconds per piece. The same constant inspection criteria can be created for all parts, eliminating problems that arise in traditional inspection methods. The last, the internal thread inspection machine has a Measurement System Analysis (MSA) result that meets the acceptance criteria of the Automotive Industry Action Group.


Design; Inspection; Measurement System Analysis; Threads Plug Gauge


Published by : King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok
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