Volume 37, No. 02, Month MAY, Year 2019, Pages 139 - 150

Study on the efficacy of cucumber green mottle mosaic virus-specific immunochromatographic strip and its optimal storage condition

Ratchanee Hongprayoon, Teewasit Phatsaman, Srihunsa Malichan

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Immunochromatographic strip (ICS) is a simple, convenient and rapid test kit which is very useful for the detection of plant viruses. Appropriate storage conditions will extend its shelf life. This research aims to produce the ICS specific to Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV), evaluate its efficacy for the target virus detection and determine the appropriate storage conditions. Comparison of the storage conditions were conducted on the packaging materials, lighting conditions and storage temperatures i.e., between conical tube and zip lock bag, under natural light or dark condition and at room temperature and at 4°oC. Results showed that the developed ICS was highly specific to CGMMV and the sensitivity could reach up to 0.098 μ g/ml of the purified CGMMV, 1:10,000 of diseased plant sap and 0.024 μ g/ml of the CGMMV in soil suspension. The reaction could be visualized within 5 minutes. The study on its storage conditions found that the ICS should be stored with desiccant in either conical tube or zip lock bag at 4°oC under dark which gave the best reaction lines over 12 months storage.


cucurbit, detection, evaluation, storage, rapid test kit


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