Volume 49, No. 01, Month JANUARY, Year 2021, Pages 88 - 101

Convolvulaceae in the flora of thailand addenda, corrigenda and emendanda, i

George W. Staples, Natthaphong Chitchak, Phongsakorn Kochaiphat, Chakkrapong Rattamanee, Pantamith Rattanakrajang, Paweena Traiperm

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This compilation, the first of a series, presents additions, corrections, and amendments to the Convolvulaceae account for the Flora of Thailand that was published 10 years ago. Methods used include the traditional study of dried voucher specimens housed in herbarium collections, field research and collecting, and monitoring photographs of Thai Convolvulaceae shared on selected natural history applications. This initial compilation results in 13 species new to the flora, updates names for eight species, amends taxonomic concepts (and names) for four species, and augments the distribution for 16 species. One orthographic change is made to bring a binomial into conformity with the International Code of Nomenclature. We highlight significant discoveries for two rare and littleknown Thai Convolvulaceae species. References are cited to document descriptions, ecology, distributions beyond Thailand, and several new taxonomic works published since 2010.


biodiversity survey, floristics, plant distribution, Southeast Asia.


Published by : Forest Herbarium (BKF) Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation
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