Volume 21, No. 03, Month SEPTEMBER, Year 2021, Pages 297 - 304

Sustainable utilization of paddy straw in punjab for biochar production: estimating the energy and emission potential

Imlisongla Aier, Anil Kumar Sakhiya, Abhijeet Anand, Priyanka Kaushal, Virendra Kumar Vijay

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The burning of tonnes of paddy straw in the open field by the farmers in Punjab has resulted in air pollutant emissions causing serious environmental and health consequences. The paper presents a study on the utilization of the surplus paddy straw in Punjab for biochar production by pyrolysis. From the study, 7.60 MT of paddy straw are available in Punjab as surplus. The pyrolysis study was set at four different operating temperature conditions 300, 400, 500 and 600oC with biochar conversion efficiency of 57.87, 42.90, 37.19 and 35.63 % respectively. The corresponding energy yield potential obtained from converted biochar were 77.51, 60.46, 56.25 and 55.59 PJ respectively. The analysis of air pollutant emission from burning of paddy straw was further quantified in terms of CO2, CH4, N2O, TPM, NMHC CO, NOx, SO2 and PM 2.5 emissions and the net GHG CO2 emission was recorded as 8264.64 Gg/year.


Biochar, Energy, Paddy straw, Pollutant emission, Pyrolysis


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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