Volume 49, No. 02, Month MARCH, Year 2022, Pages 288 - 299

An elementary survey on structural, electrical, and optical properties of perovskite materials

Bijayalaxmi Kuanar, Hari S. Mohanty, Dhrubananda Behera, Priyambada Nayak, Biswajit Dalai

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The paper is aimed to study the recent progress on lead-free piezoelectric materials, focusing on synthesis and various properties such as structural, electrical and optical of them. Lead zirconate titanate (Pb (ZrxTi1-x) O3, PZT) and its associated solid solutions are extensively used in several memory devices, sensors, actuators, and transducers in this era. The toxic nature of lead (or lead oxide) creates health and environmental problems. With the environmental concerns, researchers are very much interested in finding out environmental-friendly lead-free materials, which can substitute the said toxic materials with the same industrial applications with high-efficiency situations. Various classes of materials are now under investigation by several researchers, considered as highly potential alternatives to the above said toxic materials. The perovskite structures such as pure Bismuth Sodium Titanate (BNT), its binary and ternary solid solution systems along with their structural, electrical, and optical properties are reviewed in this paper. The observation reveals that various lead-free material compositions illustrate stability in piezoelectric results, even if it is not matching completely with the performance of lead-based material. It motivates active research on this subject matter, i.e., lead-free materials to overcome lead-based materials, cited herewith. This has stimulated us to analyze the function of lead-free material with a vision that it would provide further ignition for a wide range of industrial applications to modern scientists, continuing research in this field.


PZT, Lead-free, BNT, Dielectric, Ferroelectric properties


Published by : Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University
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