Volume 49, No. 02, Month MARCH, Year 2022, Pages 248 - 258

Gas output of homebiogas7.0 in province1 (terai region) of nepal and homebiogas7.0 model vs ggc-2047

Bashu Gautam

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This paper shows a practical way of producing biogas using a HomeBiogas7.0 system in the rural areas of Nepal. Furthermore, it compares this new method with traditional biogas technology (a fixed dome apparatus). The HomeBiogas system has a number of very attractive attributes. It is very portable, easy and fast to install, requires little maintenance, and there is no chance for slurry to enter the pipelines. Furthermore, it has a biogas filter, short installation time (<6 h), the amount of available biogas can be visually determined and its parts are recyclable. It is earthquake-proof, a large number of units can be installed in a short time. Furthermore, women can be empowered through job creation since the work requires little heavy labor. The main aim of the current research is to determine the performance, biogas composition and output of HomeBiogas7.0 systems in the Terai region of Nepal and compare these results with those of existing fixed dome biogas plants. This objective was achieved by installing eight HomeBiogas7.0 plants with gas flow meters and frequent visits to the sites/plants in Province1 of Nepal. A biogas productivity of 0.961 m3 /day or 0.223 m3 biogas/m3 digester was attained with a feed rate of 33±12 kg/day of animal manure at an ambient temperature of 25 °C. A HomeBiogas7.0 system has the energy value of 13.4 kg of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)/month with an energy production of 5.766 kWh/day. Biogas production from a HomeBiogas7.0 system in the winter season (0.638 m3 /day) was less than in the spring (1.093 m3 /day) and that was smaller than in the rainy season (1.158 m3 /day). On average, cooking requires 3.56 h/day. The energy production of this system is sufficient for rural, semi-rural areas for families to cook food with biogas having a methane content of 56.1%.


Anaerobic digestion, Fixed dome, GGC-2047, HomeBiogas7.0, Manure, Nepal


Published by : Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University
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