Volume 35, No. 03, Month MAY, Year 2020, Pages 346 - 352

Non-aids defining illness and mortality in hiv patients

Duangjai Duangrithi, Titiwut Bhuddhataweekul, Khuntikun Polsracoo

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HIV is the virus destroying body immune system especially, white blood cell named CD-4 cell. This cell can protect the body from many infectious diseases. Early antiretroviral therapy (ART) and continuing will make people living with HIV (PLWHIV) healthy, improve quality of life and prolong life. Thailand national guideline on HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention 2017 recommended the first line ART; 2 nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors plus 1 non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors. It was called highly active ART (HAART) leading to a long life. However, antiretroviral drugs (ARV) are associated with lipid profile, insulin resistance and lipodystrophy resulting in high risk of non-AIDs illness such as cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. Although immune response has been improved after ART but the system has not fully recovered. Therefore, the risk of cancer and mortality rate of non-AIDs illness is still increasing. According to privilege for PLWHIV and AIDS by national health security, laboratory and special investigations did not cover all non-AIDs illness. Then, screening and diagnosis could not be performed and accessing to prophylaxis and treatment will be delayed. Reconsideration of their privilege will improve patient care and promote quality of life and prolong their life.


HIV, antiretroviral therapy, non-AIDs illness cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome


Published by : Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University
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