Volume 35, No. 03, Month MAY, Year 2020, Pages 296 - 303

The effect of foot reflexology program to relieve pain in patients with cancer

Onanong Srisongmuang, Apinya Karomprat, Monpicha Chinrat, Jarin Chindaprasirt

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Background and Objectives: Pain in cancer is an important symptom of suffering that affects the overall health. The objective of this study was to study The effect of the foot reflexology program to reduce pain in cancer patients Method: This was a quasi-experimental reseach. The studied subjects were 30 randomized sampling of cancer patients with pain at every stage of treatment in the special ward 6B, special nursing department. Srinagarind hospital Khon Kaen university. To use the method of massage according to the foot reflexology program to reduce pain in cancer patients developed by the researchers, 30 minutes each, 15 minutes on each side, consisting of a 4-minute basic leg massage, foot reflexology, basic points 26. 5-minute points and highlight 4 key points (3,15,16, 17) 1/2 minute each point, total 2 sessions, total 4 minutes and basic massage to relax muscles 2 minutes. Data were collected by means of concealing in one way. (single-blind technique) use descriptive statistics in analysis by means of frequency distribution, percentage, mean, standard deviation And use Paired - Samples T - Test to compare the differences between the pain scores before and after receiving the foot reflexology program to reduce pain in cancer patients.Results: Most of the patients, 66.6%, had colon cancer. The mean score of pain before and after receiving the foot reflexology program for pain reduction was 4.47 and 1.90 points, respectively. With statistically significant differences (t = 22.455, sig <0.01) Conclusion: Foot Reflexology Program can reduce pain in cancer patients. Which should be considered as an additional option in pain management And should massage with a massage specialist to maintain the effectiveness of the massage And prevent side effects from massage


cancer pain, pain management, foot reflexology


Published by : Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University
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