Volume 35, No. 04, Month JULY, Year 2020, Pages 425 - 432

Indications of neurovascular diseases and trend, in srinagarind hospital angiographic base

Wittawat Takong, Teerawatchara Rerksoontree, Kittiphop Somboonnithiphol, Waranon Munkong

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Background and Objective: To evaluate the frequency of indication of the neurovascular diseases and trends in Srinagarind hospital, the northeastern of Thailand by angiographic based Material and Methods: This was a descriptive retrospective study of patients who underwent first diagnostic cerebral or spinal angiography, listed in the database of intervention neuroradiology unit between 2014-2016. We interested in age, sex, indication for diagnostic cerebral and spinal angiography and disease diagnosis classified by angiographic based. We described the trends of diseases in 3 years. Results: 739 patients were performed diagnostic angiography between 2014-1016 with mean age of 46.33 years. The most frequent indication for diagnostic angiography is subarachnoid hemorrhage (36.54%), followed by eye symptoms (13.40%). Five most common diagnosis by angiographic based were intracranial aneurysm (37.61%), intracranial neurovascular malformations (17.59%), negative diagnostic angiogram (11.31%), traumatic neurovascular disease (11.23%) and intracranial DAVFs (7.98%). Four uncommon diseases were head/neck tumor and vascular malformations (7.58%), ischemic and steno-occlusive disease (3.92%), spinal vascular disease and spine/spinal cord tumor (1.62%) and pedi atri c neurovascular di sease (0. 14%), r espectively. Conclusion: Overall indication and trends neurovascular disease in northeastern of Thailand are variable among clinical presentation and disease classification. In our institute, trends of the common and uncommon diseases seem to be increased, related to development capacity of our multidisciplinary teams and quality of regional referral systems.


Cerebral Angiogram, Spinal angiogram, Neurovascular disease


Published by : Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University
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