Volume 35, No. 02, Month MARCH, Year 2020, Pages 199 - 202

Effect of coconut-shell-stepping exercise on balance ability of elders

Patchareeya Amput, Sirima Wongphon

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Background and objective: Muscle strength and endurance of the lower limb of the elders are decreased. Coconut shell tool can increase the lower limb muscle strength and endurance. This study aimed to investigate the effects of step up into coconut shell tool on balance ability of the elders. Methods: The participants were 30 elders; 15 males and 15 females. All subjects were assessed balance ability by Time up and go (TUG) test . Assessed before step up into coconut shell tool and after step up into coconut shell tool for a stepping rate of 24 steps per minute, for a total of 3 minutes allow the beat of metronome, for 3 months. Results: Theelders had an increase of balance ability significantly (p≤0.001) was statistical significance after the test including balance ability (p= 0.001). The after TUG test was 0.88 second less than before the TUG test. Conclusion: The elders had higher balance ability more than before test in the coconut shell tool step.


coconut shell, elders, balance ability, physical therapy


Published by : Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University
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